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Where can I buy the poster?

Currently, you can order posters in two different ways:

I partnered with ArachnoGear, based in the USA. ArachnoGear is mainly for the American market but they are able to ship around the world! The shipping prices depend on your location and the chosen delivery speed and carrier. You can see the estimated shipping costs to your location before buying. The page is currently available in English only, other languages are planned. If you’re an international customer make sure to read the Store Policies and Terms.

  • As custom prints

Everything that is not available on ArachnoGear, and this includes different sizes and materials, is only available as a custom print directly from me. They are printed and shipped from Germany but the prices can still be higher than an equal order from ArachnoGear! A 90×60 cm poster costs around 29€ + shipping. Final prices and more details are only on request possible, the minimum order quantity is two posters. To place an order get in touch with me via the contact form below!

I have a question regarding ArachnoGear (Orders etc.)

ArachnoGear is a different company, therefore I can’t offer any support related to ArachnoGear sales! Please contact their support:

In get no answer from the ArachnoGear support.

No worry, they hear you! They try to get back to everyone with 48-72 hours of receiving a support request. They have full times jobs and are doing this in their free time.


Are the previous poster versions still available?

No, version 3, 5, 6, and 7 of the tarantula of the world series are no longer available on ArachnoGear. Only V7.1 is currently available, but we’re thinking about making them available again, as some prefer the names on the poster.

The handbooks

You can order the posters which include a handbook here: ArachnoGear. The handbook will be available in the download section in your member area, after your poster has been shipped. If you can’t find it and you get no answer from the ArachnoGear support feel free to contact me (don’t forget to add a copy of your receipt) and you’ll get the handbook within hours!

Please note that the handbook is only available as a download and only in English. There is no printed version available yet. In the future, they will be available standalone without the posters.

More FAQ

Both books include their own FAQ section on page 7, covering the following aspects:

→ The benefits of the new concept
→ The last version?
→ Where are all the other males?
→ Why is XYZ still not included?
→ Is there a newer version of this book?
→ How can I use my own layout with the list?
→ Fake news?

→ Why is the price higher compared to the other posters? (Scorpions only)


Where can I buy the T-Shirts?
Delivery times and delivery costs


Free Wallpapers

All images are available for free on Flickr. The biggest possible size is 2048px long, a bigger size isn’t possible to prevent misuse. Although, some of the posters available on ArachnoGear include special wallpapers up to 5K resolution.


You’d like to use my images for one of your own projects? Please contact me via the contact form below then!


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