The new 2018 calendar is finally here!

People who love dogs purchase dog calendars. People who love beaches purchase beach calendars. People who work at companies may have a company-issued calendar. What about tarantula lovers? Now, thanks to the work of mygale, you can have your very own 2018 tarantula calendar!

I know there are already plenty of calendars out there, so why should you buy this one?

  • State of the art quality: It was completely designed with professional equipment, professional software and edited on professional hardware. This means no boring loveless drag and drop in online editors, no phone pics.
  • Higher print quality: It’s printed with over 350 dpi, instead of the usual 300 dpi.
  • Additional information for every image, over 1.000 words written by scientists.
  • Over 40 images, instead of only 12 in other calendars.
  • With 17×11“ it’s also bigger than others.
  • Only available on, shipping worldwide!
  • This calendar is available in a limited quantity of 100 pieces, and additional copies will likely not be stocked.

The calendar includes:

  • Cover (13 images)
  • 1/18: Metal-Halogen Biomaterials (10x macro)
  • 2/18: Grammostola (3 images)
  • 3/18: Tarsal Claws (10x macro)
  • 4/18: African Tarantulas (4 images)
  • 5/18: Omothymus schioedtei
  • 6/18: Poecilotheria (5 images)
  • 7/18: Ybyrapora diversipes
  • 8/18: Aviculariinae (8 images)
  • 9/18: Dolichothele diamantinensis
  • 10/18: The Dwarfs Among Spiders (8 images)
  • 11/18: Theraphosa blondi
  • 12/18: Brachypelma (8 images)
  • Back (9 images)


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