Tarantula Macro Poster 2017-2018

This poster shows my latest macro images of different body parts of various tarantula species. With a magnification between 6x and 10x, the images shed light on some of the most interesting details you are unable to see with the naked eye and probably never noticed, or wondered for what they are. With a resolution of over 444 Megapixels, it shows even the tiniest details!

Eucratoscelus pachypus Poster 2

All images are stacked | 90x60cm 300dpi | 7087*10630px

Pamphobeteus & Xenesthis Poster

90x60cm 265dpi | 6283*9384 px

Ephebopus cyanognathus Poster

90x60cm 300dpi

In cooperation with theraphosidae.be