Claws at the distal end of the tarsi. Female spiders of some families possess 1 single claw on the pedipalps, but these are no theraphosids. Some theraphosid genera, however, show a poorly developed third claw. All web-building spiders have three claws, as it is used to grab the silk strand, but not all three-clawed spiders build webs. Check the Anatomy Poster for more information: or

  10x setup:

Deep Stack @ ~10x. Stacked from 300 images (9µm), Helicon B (18/4) + B (40/4) + C + C Slab (14). Flash Setup, 42 Megapixel. 35 GB Raw files + 100 GB tif files. About 7h post processing. v2 Subject: P. subfusca Tarsal Claws LIII