Tarantulas of the World V7


I’m proud to present the final version of the „Tarantulas of the World“ poster project. This project made it into two significant exhibitions and was printed over 400 times worldwide, sold to people in over 20 countries.

Cumulating the Tarantulas of the World poster series, this revised poster contains over 20 new species and 45 new images in the biggest update to the series ever! Featuring over 100 images and over 90 different species of tarantulas in stunning high-quality stacked photography. Furthermore, every image has been edited and edited again down to the smallest specs of dust. This poster represents the most colorful tarantulas in the best way possible, giving you an excellent overview of the different species in the hobby. It’s the biggest and most detailed tarantula poster ever made, featuring a whole new production concept for the first time. Like on the last Poecilotheria poster, all new images are stacked and have the best quality possible, shot with the best gear available.

For the first time, all prints have over 350dpi, bringing you the most detailed prints of this series. Get your limited copy here: arachnogear.com

The new version features 102 images, as the area for the text stayed the same, there simply wasn’t enough space for the names anymore. So instead of squeezing everything onto it, or removing information, I removed the whole section. Instead, they will be listed in the Flickr description, displayed beside the poster at museums or simply delivered as a download with the purchase. As a list would have been way too simple, I designed a whole handbook coming together with the purchase on arachnogear.com, featuring besides all locations and body lengths for every species additional information about the poster and exclusive behind the scenes material! Making it worth a look and one of the best new features!

Species list: www.mygale.de/V7.txt


The official „Tarantulas of the World“ Handbook

With over 6000 words and over 55 images, it features tons of information about the history of this poster series, its production, and tons of other original photography from me.

You can order the poster which includes the book here: arachnogear.com/

After the purchase, a PDF download will be available in your ArachnoGear member area under „Downloads“. Note that all images are CGI, and no printed copies will be shipped.


Previous versions of this series:

Tarantulas of the World V6

3:2 ratio, ~65.600*43.000px
2,73 Gigapixels, that’s 1342x 1080p
Over 1000 layers in Photoshop


Tarantulas of the World V5

60 different species vs. 30 in the last version
4:3 ratio, ~50.600*38.000px vs. 3:2 ratio and 39.000×26.000px in the last version
1,92 Gigapixels, that’s 927x 1080p vs. 1 Gigapixel
Print size is 5 meter with 260dpi
Over 900 layers in Photoshop

All the focus stacks are redone with a different software (Helicon), for a much better quality and I fixed some other issues from the previous version and matched the brightness/saturation for all pictures.

All other previous versions can be found in the official handbook!


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