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I am Julian Kamzol from Germany, a passionate macro photographer, specialized in arachnids and insects. It all started at the age of 12 when I got my first tarantula since then my collection grew to a stable 150. Anatomically they’re all alike, but that’s about the only characteristic they share. With nearly a 1000 species described, tarantulas exhibit a variety of colors, patterns, behaviors, and lifestyles. They were intriguing at first glance, but after further inspection, I really got impressed by their hidden beauty. It was exactly that feeling, combined with a lack of exposure, that made me decide in 2015 to specialize in high-quality photography of tarantulas. In my quest to inform and inspire people around the world I have been working on perfecting my technical skills and observations in a variety of co-operations with enthusiasts and scientists. Now my work is worldwide available and displayed in museums around the world.

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